The 4 “P”s to getting into the right mindset for the new year

Pass the “P”s please…And no this aint your momma’s peas.

It’s The 4 “P”s to getting into the right mindset for the new year

How an attitude of gratitude can transform your life for the better in the new year..

We have all been at the dinner table and can remember the famous phrase, “Can you pass the peas please”And no, we aint talking about your momma’s peas, or a holiday dinner side dish. However, in the same way that the peas of your plate can nourish your body, these 4 “P”s to can get you into the right mindset for the new year and will nourish your soul.

In the beginning of the year, we find ourselves digging out from the snow, recovering from the holidays and tossing out our Christmas list in exchange for our new year’s resolution list. Before we start loading up our list with gym memberships and “I want to lose 50 pounds in the next 30 days let’s start with a few simple exercises to get you started.

1. Perspective – Yes, perspective. When starting something new, it’s great to get into the right mindset. Before you starting think about the 1 thousand things you want to do in the coming year and have your mind going 160 miles per hour try this quick exercise:
Channel your inner yogi and just breathe.
Stop, breathe, and put your mind at ease. Yes, breathing can calm your brain and cut down on stress levels.

2. Phone a friend – Before you wipe off the dust from the free weights that have been hibernating in your corner all winter, pick up your phone and exercise your arm muscles and let your fingers do the walking. With so much emphasis on social media these day, the human interaction is sometimes missed. Pick up your phone and call and friend and let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Stop worrying about future and appreciate the her and now. Call a friend or family member to let them know the gratitude you have for them

3. Persistence – Yes, persistence. Please don’t give up before even trying. Take that first step. Remember a baby didn’t suddenly just start walking, it had to take a few baby steps first. Sometimes the list of things to do can grow you long that your brain freezes and you don’t do anything. Practice makes perfect. Just take the 1st step.

4. Pitch it – No, I am not about to give you a lesson in baseball. Instead I am offering you a super quick decluttering tip. Pitch it or better yet, recycle it. I am sure you have heard the phrase don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Well, what started out as a few receipts in your wallet has spilled out into your home and the boxes and receipts from the holidays have transformed themselves into “mount trashmore”. Be thankful for the gifts you received and were able to buy, and research some recycle facilities to take your boxes, receipts, etc. so you can pay if forward and help out the environment.

P.S. You can leave your gym clothes home for this round of exercises.

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