Meet Deanna Barbour

Deanna Barbour is a certified transformational coach, certified intuitive strategist, and certified Feng Shui consultant. She specializes in designing your life from the inside out. Her philosophy is the inner you is just as important as the outer you. As a certified transformational coach and intuitive coach, she delves into the inner living space and unearths and clears any blocks and old ways of being that may be blocking you from living your life to the fullest. She will help you create an outer living space that reflects who you are and lets your best life shine through.

She lives and breathes design and out of the box creative thinking to help you find the right solutions to aid you in “Living your life like a work of art and become the masterpiece that is you”. She is the owner of GraceLight Solutions Creative, Coaching & Feng Shui Services. She is offering strategic strategy sessions, feng shui services, classes, coaching and leading workshops and courses are available at this time in person and online.

Are your ready to transform your Life? Let me show you how! Contact me today!